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Why Join Getpoundsback?
+You get 100% cashback from purchases made online
+We pay via Paypal (up to 50 only) or BACS (any amount), minimum withdrawal of 3 applies to both paypal & BACS
+Sign up is free
+No Admin Fee
Join - 100% Cashback Website - Admin Fee Free

At you can earn cash back on all your online purchases.
Getpoundsback is a free to use cashback site for residents of the UK. Unlike some 100% Cashback sites which charge a £5 Admin Fee - we DO NOT charge an admin fee, so whatever you earn is yours to keep.   As well as some of the best cashback rates available, we also list all the latest discount and voucher codes for the top UK retailer websites so we save you more. 
Getpoundsback, the best cashback website for all your on-line shopping for the top cash back deals - you'd be mad to shop anywhere else.

Join Getpoundsback and you can earn from purchasing products on-line from the thousands of advertisers we display. To start earning cashback all you need to do is register & then click on the links to earn cash back.

How to Earn Cashback Explained.
Earning cashback when you shop online is simple, all you need to do is:-

  1. Register with Getpoundsback
  2. Select the retailer that you wish to make the purchase with.
  3. Click on the link marked "Click here to visit this store". You'll be transferred to the retailers website where you shop as you would normally
  4. Check your account and you should see your earnings listed as tracked on the Getpoundsback account panel. Most transactions are reported within hours, however some may take up to seven days to appear.
    Once the merchant has paid us for the transaction you can withdraw your cashback earnings via BACS or Paypal.

    Member Account
    - Earn cash back for on-line purchases
    - Members must a UK resident
    - All members must be 18 years or older.
    - One account per person
    Join as a Single User

Group Accounts
- At Getpoundsback we offer the opportunity of joining as a group.
- This allows groups such as Clubs, School Parents/Teacher associations, Charties and Fundraising Groups  to register and earn cashback donations from members who wish to contribute to your worthy cause.
- When a Member then registers they have an option of selecting a group to donate cashback to and the percentage of their cashback earnings they wish to donate.
Join as a Group