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Regatta Cashback 8.80%

Regatta is Britain's best loved outdoor clothing and footwear brand and fast becoming a leading brand across Europe. Created in 1981, we make high quality and great value outdoor gear for the whole family.

We now export to over 40 countries worldwide and have dedicated sales offices in France, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Spain, Poland, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic and Israel. There are also a number of dedicated showrooms across the UK, used to showcase the very latest product.

Our ranges are divided into X-ert Performance, Adventure Tech, Outdoor Classics and Lifestyle, designed for consumers to easily choose the right product for their outdoor use. With a range that covers jackets, fleece, softshell, shirts, trousers, footwear, accessories and rucksacks for men, women and children, Regatta is the brand to go to for all outdoor kit requirements. Isotex is our own family of waterproof and breathable fabrics that come with a 3 year guarantee and offers a waterproof performance of up to 20,000mm.
Cashback 8.80%
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